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"You didn´t see this coming, huh?"


"You didn´t see this coming, huh?"

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Bill in joyful laughter with his wife

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"At least 12 guilty pleasure Can you name …"

Warsaw and Budapest also questioned the actor 

Crossing Lines - Boundless second season premiere on the occasion of the upcoming series starring William Fichtner in Budapest and Warsaw was what we asked him about some of the issues of character and drug addiction. Nah, just kidding: the actor is completely clear, and as it turned out, very funny! AXN has the freedom and the People’s Voxnak told Hickman character development and a few interesting things: 

AXN Online: often choose roles - Carl Hickman Crossing Lines from such well - which you have to play injured character. Why is it so appealing to you these roles? As an actor requires more “complicated” characters shaping? 

WF: For me, these roles are more exciting. People have problems - Carl Hickman also got out of them - are manifold, and a lot will have to reflect, they must find themselves. I know who I am in this world, but countless fumble crazy idea in my head. As all of us. 

I do not want to play someone who is from A to B, then C goes back and aztáb from A to B. It does not exist: we are all in Z from A. When I play a role, even I used to think about this. This is part of TV work: have to use a lot of yourself, because it is so fast paced the whole work. It should be a way to do it, it would not make sense. 

People’s Freedom: the 2005 movie Crash was excellent according to some critics, others that terrible creation. Europe and Hungary within the Crossing Lines is similar welcome to - read the reviews? If so, there are times when you agree with them? 

WF: I never read any criticism about it, which I also actors. Of course, sometimes people hear things - my wife while surfing the web for example, regularly drops a few sentences, but I always say to him, ‘Shhh, I do not want to know! “(Laughs). If you are working on something and I knew that the critics hate it, you can be working on the same swing. I will not let such things affect my work. So … he was a man who did not like the Crash ??? I had no idea! (laughs). 

AXN Online: Crossing Lines because you move your family to Prague. Lot different to what extent the European everyday life, as they usually were in California and America? 

WF: Mainly traveled around the world during the Crossing Lines promotion. I was in a lot of places in Europe, and each one is so different! We were in London, Paris, Madrid, Berlin … I do not feel that it would be a “great European otherness” that is different than the American one I know of so far, but each city, each with a completely different place, a new experience. 

The culture, however, completely different from the usual one in New York. What other things are considered to be the people. Even simple, everyday actions such as walking, is completely different. Prague is not my car. Everywhere I go on foot: to the gym, to the restaurant. Everywhere. I do not need a car - when you do, call a cab. This is one of my favorite things to do in Prague. If you live in California, you have to worship to drive because of a car culture. New York does not need coaches: no matter how you use multi-millionaire or working in a car wash, the subway, because it is the fastest to get from A to B. 

It’s hard to say exactly what the other to live here, but different. Whatever it is, I have never experienced this before, and yet I do not plan to give up or change - I’m not ready to leave. The holidays, however, can not wait to get home! I do not know what will happen in the series, but not until the seventh youngest son will surely remain. 

People’s Freedom: The Crossing Lines before starring mainly seen by roles. How much you want busier approach this rol? 

WF: Other television work with my (Prison Break, City of Mystery) compared to I would say that’s not too much difference. Same amount of time working on the escape as Crossing the Line shooting. It does not matter that I live through this and just focus on the short or long, the character’s path. I’m a puzzle piece for his responsibility, and this piece is to play Hickman. Of course I care about other things too, such as the script, or the fact that the moment “there is” or no, and I used to consult about the writers as well. 

WF: I love filming this series, but to top it all, most of what I remember from those times is that my family can live here with me. I did not think that it’s ever going to happen: to go far beyond the ocean, and I love it. So the super Crossing Lines. Prague is also szuperebb. 

AXN Online: For a long time the TV was subordinate to the theater, but the new trends seem to change this: more and better-quality programs are aired. As a result, it is no wonder that many of the actors also appear on TV, just think of Hannibal, Breaking Bad - Global vacuuming, nevébenre of the Act or on the Crossing Lines. Do you agree that this is a trend, and if so, do you see yourself in the party? 

W.F .: I agree with everything you say. I also believe that we are witnessing a huge change. Although the process has been running for a while. 25 years ago the United States was only three tax (ABC, NBC, CBS), and then came on HBO and Showtime, Cinemax, Fox, and more. Nowadays, a lot of the original program, and the people of the strangest themes are able to make great material. 

Take, for example, sucks. I can only imagine what it was like to sell the idea of a channel. “Look, we’re doing a series of a high school chemistry teacher who is going to cook meth in one of his disciples. Mivaaan ?? “What is this, if not brilliant? My wife made ​​me look (he put through the blender the whole series in 10 days), and the whole super, but I do not think that the movies have ever been replaced in the series. 

I do not think you can really reproduce the huge screen and sound system in the theatrical experience - which look like film, the adventure multiplies under the right circumstances. The second is that TV viewing habits have changed drastically in letölthesz an entire season. You do not have to be at home on Wednesday night at 9 (Hungarian Crossing Lines Premiere: September 24) to see a new part of the Crossing Lines, of course I’d love it, but you can watch it when you want. It’s a completely different experience than sit in a movie. 

Vox: Genovese was the “főellenségedként” were known for their first season. Will come back for a second season? How to change the relationship Hickmannel? 

WF: First, let me say this: the shooting of the first season - I think it was from the second week - two executive producer just told me about the Performer, Genovese is available, and at the end of the season that it will kihegyeződni the story. As I described the character to me, I immediately told them that Kim Coates was szerződtetniük must for this role, what was asked: “Do you know” “Yes, he’s my best friend” - I replied. Back in 2001, we met filming Black Hawk Down, and I knew that he would be perfect for the role. Genovese is the guy who has completely changed his life Hickman, and yes, also appears in the second season will be rough parts. 

AXN: Criminal law you learned in your family and there are no actors. Where did the idea to add the theatrical head? 

WF: Two things prompted me to do so. First, in high school, I attended a college fair where a guy after a half-hour conversation, said the law would be good for me. I visited this university and I liked it. During my visit - was next to the University of New York - one of my friends took me to a Broadway program. Theatrical performances never seen before - except for the obligatory high school performances - and impressed throughout. But then I have not changed anything. Two years later, following up on my university had to take an art course, and I have chosen to practice improvisation hours. Sometimes it’s just a man, a teacher must be to the right path: the name was Sully Rubin. A month came up to me after the beginning of the course, and said, “You like that? Because I think so, and this should do it. “Really enjoyed the hour, but it never occurred to me before, to be an actor. But I took the advice of Sully, and I picked up the other classes as well, and after graduation, I decided that I’m going to deal with this. I moved to New York. 

AXN Online: Who was the easiest to work with? 

WF: This year, Carrie-Anne Moss’s company I enjoyed every moment of it. A great man and so professional! I feel the same connection with al-Kim Coates, but if I can choose just one … you probably … well, I worked with him in the second season more than the first one, but I wish we could have worked together more … Donald Sutherland. Very similar approach to things. The moment we are interested. “What do you think would happen if that changed?” “And what about this? ‘” How are you? “I really love it. So we’re still better. Today. Every day. Work with such Donald. 

Vox: Can you say a few words - without spoilers - the second-season karakterfejlődésedről? In particular, drug addiction care. 

WF: In the second season, Hickman pulled himself together a little better, and his life begins to re-equilibrate. There are a number of reasons: betroth a woman, find a place in life, and could be again, who has to be - a cop. Of course he is fallible, and it is still pretty tough things are waiting for the second season … 

AXN Online: What’s your guilty pleasures? 

WF: Oh, I can list at least 12 guilty pleasure. Pilsner beer, corn tortillas, avocado. Pilsner, the first, third, eighth and eleventh place it occupies in the list, and I can wedged between some food. 

AXN: Do you ever take home memorabilia on set? 

WF: Actually, there is nothing concrete gyűjtőszenvedélyem, but the lone rider brought the shooting of the entire costume. Even the dental prosthetics, too! Maybe one day my son will be using it (laughs).

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Hell Budapest! Minden htkznap 05:50-10:00-ig a Juventus Rdi 103.9Fm-en!
William Fichtner
Tegnap megírtuk a filmünk forgatókönyvét, amivel elindultunk a világhírnév felé. :)

A nagyszerű történethez természetesen egy világsztárt kérünk fel főszereplőnek. 

Ha már itt van William Fichtner, Ákos megkérte őt, vállalja el Szuper Söndör szerepét… 
William Fichtner 
Yesterday we wrote the film script of what we set out to the world fame. :) 
A great story, of course, we invite people to a world star players. 
Since you’re here, William Fichtner, Akos asked him to assume the role of Super Söndör …


William Fichtner w Warszawie

W poniedziałek 15 września gwiazdor serialu “Przekraczając granice”, William Fichtner, spotkał się w warszawskim Multikinie z dziennikarzami i fanami. Mieliśmy szansę obejrzeć pierwszy odcinek najnowszego sezonu serialu oraz porozmawiać z Williamem, który jest naprawdę przesympatyczny!

On Monday, September 15 star series “Crossing Borders”, William Fichtner, met in Warsaw Multikino with journalists and fans. We had a chance to watch the first episode of the latest season of the show and chat with William, who is really przesympatyczny!

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